Who We Are


The LDCS Group was founded in 2002 by professionals with extensive experience in economics, business, finance, information and communication systems, development, accounting and engineering to provide complete and total services and solutions to achieve business, financial and operational efficiency across a number of industries, committed to delivering strategy, planning and performance management solutions and services to clients worldwide.

From 2002, the company has grown to a global network of independent companies and professionals providing support, solutions and services on 5 continents namely Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and South America. A number of these companies are independent consultants in their national jurisdictions; however, they actively collaborate at the global level to give our clients with global and international operations and presence, a service efficiency edge and global support. Hence, we have quietly built a system that delivers global reputation for strategy, planning, innovation, growth performance, and competitiveness to our clients.

Why Hire LDCS Consulting?

Because We Deliver. Period.

LDCS is committed to the success of our clients all over the world.

Our ability to help individuals, businesses, entrepreneurs and organizations anticipate and meet complex challenges is the corner stone of our relationship with our clients and partners.

Our lean local teams connected to a vast global network of professionals offer a full range of advisory and consulting services and solutions, supported by in-depth industry knowledge, and local and global experience.

People, Local knowledge and Innovation are our greatest assets, combined with the ability to support our clients to unlock and realize high-impact changes and performance that focus on driving revenues, reducing costs and improving productivity. Our robust network of professionals has worked on projects in your industry, knows your business, understands your market and has proven functional experts. Six keys to our effective service delivery:

  • Broad and Deep Industry Knowledge and Experience.
  • Local Knowledge with Global Expertise
  • Side-by-Side, Hands-on and Embedded with our Clients and Partners
  • Fact-Based, Respectful and Expert-Driven, Performance Driven and Action-Driven
  • Process People and Technology
  • Attention to Details and Diligent