Principal Consultant

Joshua Gogo PhD, FCSI®, CIM®, is an engineer, a computer scientist, an economist and a finance specialist.

He has Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical/Petrochemical Engineering; MSc in Computer Information System from FIT, Florida USA; MA/PhD in Economics from Canada. He has a Professional Certificate in Balanced Scorecard, is a Chartered Investment Manager (CIM®) He is a Levell II Candidate of the CFA Institute, and a Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute (FCSI®)

After formal and informal trainings in the Upstream (Petrophysics, SPDC Warri, NYSC 1995-1996), Midstream (Fiscalization and Terminal Operations, Department of Petroleum Resources 1993-1994) and Downstream (Trainee Operator, Port Harcourt Refinery Company, NNPC, 1991) sectors of the Petroleum Industry, Joshua Gogo started his professional career with Schlumberger Oilfield Services as an Oil field Engineer in 1997 working in various locations including Europe’s North Sea Sections, Canada, and Algeria.

For over 21 years, he worked for several organizations including as an Oilfield Engineer with Schlumberger Oilfieds Services; Transfer Pricing and International Tax Economist with the Canada Revenue Agency, Public Servant, University Professor, and Corporate Executive, in Europe’s North Sea Countries, France, Canada, Nigeria, Venezuela, and Algeria.

He is an experienced Consultant with expertise in: Strategy, Planning, Perfromance Management, Business Resuscitation, Restoration & Restructuring; Business Viability & Stress Testing; Mergers & Acquisitions;Business Economics & Transactions; Corporate Finance; Economic & Commercial Feasibility; Economic and Financial Modeling; Project Economics;  Development Solutions in Conflict and Post-Conflict Environment; Energy Economics; Information Security & Business Continuity; Investment & Tax Strategies; Social Risk Analysis & Social Capital; Transfer Pricing; Community Relations & Development; and Process Excellence.

Joshua Gogo is the Principal Consultant at LDCS Consulting.

Joshua has  been engaged in extensive research in finance, economics, public policy and firms & markets, developing unique and innovative solutions to private and public organizational challenges.